Revolutionizing Online and Browser Landscape

We are a prominent player in the digital and browser technology realm, we offer an array of services ranging from strategic planning to product execution. Harnessing our comprehensive knowledge and in-depth experience, we are dedicated to the creation and monetization of online and mobile browser-based products.

Armed with consulting expertise and a motivated team focused on pioneering technology in search engine innovations, we strategize and introduce captivating products utilized by a global user base. Our desktop browser extensions empower thousands of users worldwide.

Our Passion for Digital Products

We find great joy in exploring new and revolutionary browser-based technologies. Our extensive worldwide connections and expertise empower us to create innovative browser-based products and introduce them to undiscovered markets. Our focus and expertise revolve around crafting:

  • Mobile browser platforms and launchers
  • Desktop browsers and their extensions
  • Technology for managing search engine data
  • Media buying with a focus on data

Our dynamic and customer-centric approach has earned us a global reputation as forward-thinking digital experts dedicated to aiding our partners throughout their digital expansion voyage.

Product Development

In the rapidly changing digital realm, being ahead of the game is crucial. We understand the constantly shifting digital environment and the ever-changing landscape of web browsing.

Our creative team of engineers works together to craft a strategic product blueprint that elevates your browsing journey. Our offerings include software and tech development, engineering and implementation, and digital design for traffic flow blueprints.

Durability Guarantee

Recognizing the significance of upholding a solid digital reputation, we’ve implemented specialized dashboard delivery systems tailored to each product. These systems enhance our media buying campaigns in real time. Integrated reporting modules across all products serve to proactively address any potential negative user experiences. Our commitment to quality in product development is aimed at safeguarding our end users.

Who We Are

Three Six Media specialize in creating and monetizing customized mobile browsers, along with desktop extension solutions designed for users, and third-party partners. Our expertise lies in being the preferred destination for crafting feature-packed browsers and extensions, enhancing the overall user experience and fostering customer loyalty for both our partners and users.

Our Commitment

As a forward-thinking tech-driven team, our commitment lies in delivering secure, top-tier browsing experiences across all platforms WINDOWS, ANDROID and IOS.

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